The Busselton Jetty

The Busselton Jetty

The Busselton Jetty, at 1,841 metres long, is the longest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere.

The jetty has been around for 148 years, surviving a cyclone, storm, and fire.

An interpretive centre at the jetty’s beginning provides visitors with information about the jetty’s history.

After you’ve finished there, take a stroll along the jetty or ride the jetty train to the end.

There is an Underwater Observatory located at the end of the Busselton Jetty. The observatory ultimately opened in 2003 after ten years of planning and fundraising.

Visitors will dive 8 metres beneath the surface to explore one of Australia’s most distinctive eco-tourism locations and its best artificial reef, which can seat up to 40 people at any given time.

The 9.5-metre diameter observation room shows approximately 300 individual species of fish, coral, sponges, and invertebrates that reside in this unique environment through eleven viewing windows.